Tam Coc Friends Homestay | Visiting Ninh Phuc flower village on early spring days
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Visiting Ninh Phuc flower village on early spring days

Ninh Phuc flower village gets more crowded as the traditional Tet holiday is around the corner, contributing to the colorful picture of spring days.

Located in the suburb of Ninh Binh city, Ninh Phuc flower village has a total area of nearly 200 hectares, formed in the fields and villages. Green vegetables farming was previously developed here but this role has now been transferred to Ninh Son clean vegetable village according to the planning of Ninh Binh city.

Ninh Phuc flower village provides different kinds of flower for locality as well as Northern and North Central provinces. The typical kinds of flower here are lilies, chrysanthemums, tuberoses and roses, etc.

For a long time, Ninh Phuc flowers have been highly appreciated by consumers as well as customers from different areas for their style and quality. It is very difficult for the flowers to bloom on the occasion of Tet holiday, which requires Ninh Phuc flower growers to have patience, skill and creativity.

The first days of November in lunar calendar are the busiest days for preparing flowers for Tet holiday, the vast flower fields that are blooming not only beautify the villages but also help improve the economy here day by day.

Flowers have long been carrying their own meanings in the mind of every Vietnamese family on each occasion of Tet holiday. In the last days of the year, Ninh Phuc flower village becomes more beautiful with the unique and outstanding colors of blooming flowers. Throughout the villages and hamlets, the old fields that could only help the famers feed their families in the past have now become the flower supplying places for all provinces and cities in the North. This is not only the pride of people in Ninh Phuc but also the pride of all people in Ninh Binh province.

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