Tam Coc Friends Homestay | Early spring travel – Do not miss Bai Dinh Pagoda, Ninh Binh
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Early spring travel – Do not miss Bai Dinh Pagoda, Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh) is one of the most attractive spiritual destinations that seem not to be unfamiliar to many people on every occasion of early spring travel. This temple preserves lots of records that everyone must admire. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect spiritual journey for the early spring of this year 2018, do not miss the opportunity to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda.
Bai Dinh Pagoda is the common name for the pagoda area located on a 700ha wide precinct including: the ancient and the newly renovated Bai Dinh pagoday, located in Gia Sinh Commune, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province. It`s the gateway to the West of the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, 15km away from Ninh Binh city and 95km away from Hanoi. The pagoda is located on the mountain side, between the immense valleys of the lake and the rocky mountains carrying the huge, monumental architecture but still being imbued with the national traditional identity .

While the ancient Bai Dinh pagoda was discovered by Saint Nguyen Minh Khong with a rather modest architecture between the mountains and forests of the nature, the newly renovated pagoda is a large, magnificent, splendid and prominent work in the middle of the majestic mountains as an elysium on earth. The newly renovated Bai Dinh pagoda has the main items such as: Tam The Temple, Phap Chu Temple, Kannon Temple, stupa, Bell Tower … Besides, the pagoda also has majestic statues that are engraved elegantly backed on the dark blue mountain side as if it was leading the visitors to the boundary of the sacred.

Currently, Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest temple complex in the Southeast Asia, considered as the most attractive spiritual destination in Vietnam with many records that have been certified such as the largest temple in Vietnam, the pagoda having the longest Arhat lobby in Asia, the pagoda having the largest well of pearls in Vietnam, and also the pagoda having the largest number of storax trees in the country …

The early spring is also the occasion of Bai Dinh pagoda festival that usually takes place from the first day of the Lunar New Year and is officially opened on the 6th, then last until the end of the March according to the lunar calendar; this is the opportunity for the Buddhists as well as the tourists everywhere to come here to admire and attend this unique traditional festival.

When you have heard of this place and love it, do not miss the opportunity to visit Bai Dinh pagoda to have a chance to step on the stone steps with the ascending height and enjoy the fresh, cool air of the nature with mountains and forests. With the sound of the bell in the middle of the sacred place, the immense earth and sky, surely the visitors will find the peace of mind, and relaxation as if they removed all worries of the daily life./.

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